I receive some of my royalties through SOCAN. Am I able to sell with SongVest?

I receive some of my royalties through SOCAN. Am I able to sell with SongVest?

SOCAN has a policy that does not allow us to sell royalties at this time, we hope this will change in the future.
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    • Do these royalties come from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc.?

      Each SongShare is a piece of a royalty stream that could be coming from a plethora of differing places, it all depends on what the artist/seller has actually decided to sell through SongVest. You can find this information under the "Description" of ...
    • What happens if my royalties don't sell?

      If your auction fails to reach its reserve price, you have the option to have SongVest negotiate on your behalf with the highest bidders to strike a deal. Otherwise, there is no sale. SongVest charges no fees for auctions that fail to sell.
    • What documentation do I need to provide in order to sell my royalties?

      To have your royalty stream listed on SongVest, you will need to provide us with the following information:  What you’d like to sell (i.e. for music: songwriter’s share of performance royalties, mechanical royalties, production royalties, etc.)  The ...
    • What charges can I expect if I sell my royalties through SongVest?

      One of the great things about SongVest is that there is no charge to list an auction on our platform, so you’ve got nothing to lose! We only collect a percentage when the sale actually happens.
    • Can I sell only a portion of my royalty revenue?

      This is totally up to you! You can sell any percentage of your royalty stream. The options are almost limitless! SongVest will work with you on your ideal auction and how best to present your royalties.