How long do I own a Royalty Stream?

How long do I own a Royalty Stream?

Each listing will explicitly state the length of investment for the royalty stream at auction. There are many types of royalties for many different assets, so lengths of ownership vary.
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    • When do I receive Royalty Payments?

      Royalties are paid on a quarterly or biannual basis to the bank account connected to your SongVest profile. An investor’s first royalty payment for a SongShare will be disbursed in the quarter following the reassignment of the stream. The ...
    • Which type of royalty can I sell?

      SongVest can sell any type of music royalty stream.
    • May I license an asset once I purchase its Royalty Stream?

      The answer to this question depends on the purchase. An investor who owns only the rights to the royalty revenue generated by an asset and does not own the asset itself, nor owns the rights to license the asset, will not be able to license the asset ...
    • Can I sell only a portion of my royalty revenue?

      This is totally up to you! You can sell any percentage of your royalty stream. The options are almost limitless! SongVest will work with you on your ideal auction and how best to present your royalties.
    • Can I sell my royalties privately?

      Yes. We value your confidentiality and can list your royalty stream privately if that’s your preference. A private listing will be advertised only to our investor community, not to the public.