How do I pay for my SongShares?

How do I pay for my SongShares?

No money will be accepted until the offering is qualified by the SEC. Buyers can connect their bank account or credit card to their profile to pay for any offerings
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    • What are SongShares?

      SongShares are fractional shares of royalty streams, and an exciting new way for anyone to buy a stake in the royalties of songs they love and share in the income. The company is the first to utilize Regulation A+ of the U.S. Securities and Exchange ...
    • I bought SongShares during a public offering, now what?

      When the public offering closes, you'll receive notice and the investment will be live in your dashboard. From there, you will be able to track when royalty payments are paid out.
    • Is there a limit on buying SongShares with a credit card?

      Yes, there is a $5,000 limit on credit cards, including the processing fee. You can reduce the number of units and make multiple transactions, or connect a bank account for transactions up to $100,000. 
    • What Happens if I Win a VIP Auction?

      If you have a successful bid at the end of the VIP Auction, you will have the option to purchase those SongShares during the VIP Sale before the general public, and after the offering qualified by the SEC.   You may purchase up to as many royalty ...
    • What happens during a VIP Sale or a Public Sale?

      After a VIP Auction is complete, participants who had a winning bid at the close will have the first opportunity to buy their SongShares at the price set during a VIP Sale. These bidders can purchase UP TO the number of shares they had as part of ...